10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

There is a film by Katherine Heigl called Jenny’s Wedding. The titular character’s sister Anne is married to a man who never waters the lawn. It’s just one of the things he doesn’t do about the house, but Anne only starts realizing it after seeing dead grass outside. She asks him to water it again and again, but he just never does, until one day, looking at her lawn, Anne has an awakening. “Happy people don’t have dead grass!” she says. Her marriage is over.

Exaggerated as this situation is, it’s true that a relationship consists of many small details which might have far greater importance than it seems at first. This is what makes really happy couples different from the rest: they pay attention to things others do not notice.

So, is there a way to tell which components are the most important in a relationship? Here are 10 things that happy couples do differently…


No less important than love and attraction is the feeling of genuine affection towards your partner. Happy couples like each other and are good friends above everything else.


In a healthy relationship, people actively try to understand each other: not just the words, but the non-verbal signs as well. Happy couples pay attention to each other.


Laughter improves your health, reduces stress and generally makes life worth living. It’s far more fun if you are able to do it with a partner.


Happy couples learn things from each other, and they learn things about each other. This process never stops, even if you’ve lived together for 50 years (as happy couples often do.)


Sharing responsibilities is an important part of any relationship. Happy couples make sure the lawn stays watered and very rarely need to ask each other to do something.


Happy couples never get tired of looking at each other – and they keep seeing new things every time.


Happy couples know that meals are the ideal bonding time. They eat together, and they do it without starting into their phones.


Two people who are in a healthy relationship always support each other and make sure their partner follows his/her dreams and ambitions.


Happy couples spend time with each other, even if it sometimes means choosing “stay at home and watch Netflix with my sick partner” over “go to a crazy party”.


Because after all of these, a happy relationship is bound to last.

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10 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

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