Abused Dog Receives A Happy Ending With New Owners

Angel, a greyhound mix, was rescued from an animal organization in Ireland. She was abused and traumatized, and the treatment left her so scared that she would not even leave her corner. Angel would face the wall and refuse to move, and only ate when no one was watching her.

Thankfully, the rescuers didn’t give up: they brought in another dog from the same pound to make Angel feel more at ease – and it worked! With the help of her brother Cliff Angel started coming out of her shell, until her personality was transformed completely. Six months later, there was no trace left of the scared pup hiding in a corner!

Just look at these dogs now, living with their new wonderful owners and being so lovely and lively! What a happy ending for Angel!


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Abused Dog Receives A Happy Ending With New Owners

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