Animal Lovers Are Going Above And Beyond To Save Freezing Stray Dogs On The Streets Of Istanbul

Heavy snowfall hit Istanbul, Turkey a week ago, and the temperatures have plunged to -15 C. The rough weather conditions have caused havoc in recent days, and animal lovers of Istanbul have become very worried about stray dogs. They are going above and beyond to help keep homeless pets cozy and safe through it all.

Here’s a photo of one of such examples. It was posted on January 9 and has since gone viral.


Photo: Ali Çelik

Ali Çelik was on his way to work on Monday. He was walking through the snow-covered city when he suddenly spotted a group of stray dogs nestling in front of a local mall. Luckily, the poor pooches were not alone! The kindhearted strangers were there, too. They laied down cardboard on the ground for the dogs to sleep on and covered them with warm blankets. They also fed the animals.

It was fabulous,” said Çelik. He added that the strangers preferred to remain anonymoys. “The people were there to help the animals, not so that others could see them helping.”

And this is not the only act of kindness which happend in Istanbul last week. There are plenty of Good Samaritans in Istanbul who help the animals to survive the cold.


Photo: Facebook/Arzu Inan

Even some stores, like Penti clothing shop, opened their doors to the strays so they could sleep inside.

Photo: Facebook/Arzu Inan

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Photo: Facebook/Arzu Inan

Don’t forget that only true love warms,” Penti manager Arzu Inan wrote on his Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Arzu Inan

It is pleasant to know that the extremely cold winter weather didn‘t manage to dampen the warmth of kind people‘s hearts, and they still show their love and compassion toward animals in need.


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Animal Lovers Are Going Above And Beyond To Save Freezing Stray Dogs On The Streets Of Istanbul

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