A Big Dog Is Begging A Tiny Kitten To Play With Him. It’s So Cute!

Usually, when you have a dog at home and later on you take a kitten, this tiny and fluffy fellow starts bringing a lot of troubles to the grown-up dog. You may see how annoying little cats may be in the video with this dog – he was attacked by three fluffies at once! But in this very case the situation was exactly the other way round!

The kitten has just a little accustomed to the new facility while the dog already does not leave it for a moment and begs to play with him. I have never seen that an adult dog could try to catch another pet’s attention in such a way. The only inexplicable point remains the kitten’s response – it seems to completely ignore the neighbor’s affection and stays indifferent to the dog’s intentions. I hope the little pet will grow up and make a good company for the big friend. I’d love to see how these two companions get on some years later.

Thanks for watching!

This movie is so cute that I want to watch it over and over again. I have not seen before such a funny way for a dog and a cat to get acquainted. Please, share this wonderful video with your friends; it’s so spirit-boosting.

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A Big Dog Is Begging A Tiny Kitten To Play With Him. It’s So Cute!

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