A Girl Completely Changed An Old Man’s Day By Just A Few Words

Have you ever though that the meaning of one and the same idea may change if you render it in other words? If you want an example, the following movie will be just helpful.

A blind old man was begging on the street, sitting right on the ground. There was a sign by his side with “I’m Blind. Help me.” inscription. Some people were just passing by the man; some of them threw a few coins. And there was that girl who almost passed the old man, but then went back to him, took the sing and wrote something on the reverse side. She put the sing back on its place and went away. But people, who were passing by, started giving more and more money to the man. There were just words altered, but they completely changed the people’s behavior. Suddenly they noticed the person in need and felt sympathy for him.

Its’ so often that we pass by and take no notice of people around us. We don’t think of their problems and troubles. May be we should learn to watch with “other eyes”?


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A Girl Completely Changed An Old Man’s Day By Just A Few Words

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