Cat Takes Care Of His Sick Friend

Who told cats are selfish?

Despite the common opinion about the cats’ and dogs’ implacable antagonism, sometimes these representatives of two different animal groups may easily get along. An excellent proof to that is the friendship between Winston cat and Zeke puppy.

One day the dog suffered from some allergy and spent a whole day at a veterinary clinic. Winston was waiting for his friend at home. Just look how affectionately the cat welcomes Zeke back from the hospital and how he tries to take care of him. The dog was given some shots of serious medicine and Winston soothed him with his tongue. He leaked Zeke’s ear and finally accommodated himself over the whole body of the friends. Seems like he wanted to cover and protect him from any troubles in the world.

I think that even some people are not capable of such sincere emotions of tenderness and care.


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Cat Takes Care Of His Sick Friend

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