Cats Who Can Stand Like Humans On Rear Paws. Fascinating!

Cats may be very amazing and funny. Especially this refers to their unusual behavior when they try to copy some habits and movements of their human masters. In particular we are speaking about rear paws standing. If you have a cat you may say that when it stands on two paws it means that it is expecting something or somebody. A cat may stand when it wants you to feed it with some delicious snacks, or when begging for food. Or it may stand when waiting for the beloved master to come home. Commonly it is considered that this type of conduct is typical of the Scottish Fold breed that is known for a well-balanced temper. But our following movie demonstrates some other breeds that also perform the standing trick.

Actually any cat can stand up and keep its body in this position. Everything depends on the situation and training. Overweight and lazy animals are hardly to maintain their chubby bodies in the air just with two paws.

Cats are very interesting animals that are capable of surprising acts and movements. If you like these gopher-like standing cuties, please share the video with your friends.

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Cats Who Can Stand Like Humans On Rear Paws. Fascinating!

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