Little Girl Talks To Her Father Her Own Language

This is Emilia. She is only one year and two months old but she is very smart talking her own baby language. In our following movie she is talking to her Daddy over the phone. It seems like she is vividly explaining something to him. Emilia is a very good interlocutor since she does not only talk herself, but listens attentively to her Daddy’s voice in the phone and supports the intercourse with gestures and understanding sounds. Suddenly Emilia got emotional and ran into another side of the room. One might get worried about what happened, but the next moment we realize that she describes the situation, which she sees outside behind a large window and obviously this situation makes Emilia rather excited.

At the end of the movie this sweet baby gets angry and upset all of a sudden. Why is she disappointed? The answer to this question you will find after watching this movie.

The language Emilia speaks is so cute and funny that it is impossible to draw back a smile. If you like this hilarious cutie, please, share this video with your friends.

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Little Girl Talks To Her Father Her Own Language

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