Deer Gives Birth To A White Buck Fawn And A Brown One

The birth of a baby is a true miracle, and no matter whether it is human baby or animal. A miracle happening on a deer farm, a doe named Lacy is giving birth to her white buck fawn, while the brown fellow was born two minutes before.

They say animal moms may not have perceivable emotional reactions such as that, but a mom’s love for her children is always apparent. And Lacy is an awesome mom, like every other mom on the Earth she starts taking care of her babies from the first seconds of their lives. Just look how she‘s licking them clean.

Warning: some images may be considered too graphic for some viewers. 
This is so beautiful! This video melt my heart, what about yours? If you feel the same way, do not forget to share it with your family and friends!
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Deer Gives Birth To A White Buck Fawn And A Brown One

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