Habits That Might Be Damaging For People’s Skin

Not all of us are blessed with good skin, but there are things we deliberately doing to damage it. Excluding these habits and actions can have a positive effect on people’s skin.

Bad skin habits

Our life consists of daily actions that either can improve or worsen it. The same goes for things that we do to our faces. Some of them can be detrimental and cause a lot of damage.

Every season requires specific changes in a skincare regime. In winter, it is advisable to use more hydrating products, well-moisturized skin is essential for this time of the year. In spring, introducing exfoliators and products that can have deep cleansing effects is very important because they can confront the dryness. Summer brings humidity, so changing to lighter formulas is a must. Putting sunscreen is also very important. Autumn months bring back the dry skin; thus, it is time for exfoliators to appear again.

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The lack of sleep may also cause problems. It may result in the dark circles under the eyes and dull skin drained out of color.

Pressing the phone to our faces traps the oil, which can result in a nasty zit.

Picking pimples can result in scars and discoloration. Moreover, it can cause the inflammation underneath the skin to become even bigger.

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Following these simple tips can help the skin not only look but feel better.

Things to keep in mind

If pimples and breakouts are frequent visitors, it means that some of the actions we do or rather forget to do might encourage their appearance.

Forgetting to wash makeup brushes is one of them. Makeup brushes tend to accumulate dust on top of their bristles. Combined with the makeup leftovers, they turn into comfy houses for bacteria. It is recommended to clean foundation brushes after each use and blush brushes 1–2 times per week.

A pillowcase is another favorite place for bacteria. It needs to be changed at least once a week.

Forgetting to take a makeup off before bed. This is a major mistake that a lot of women tend to do. It leads to clogged, enlarged pores and breakouts. When we get older, the collagen levels drop down, which means pores won’t change their size.

A good tip is to put a note in a calendar when the brushes need to be cleaned, while the pillowcases changed. It is an easy reminder, which can help in having everything on track.

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Habits That Might Be Damaging For People’s Skin

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