One Day This Guy Decided To Help A Moose. They’ve Been Inseparable Since

What would you do if a starving baby moose showed up at your house one day, malnourished and almost unable to support its own weight? Surely you would do what Erikas Plucas did. This man found a baby moose that was just two weeks old.

He could tell from the animal’s condition that it hadn’t been fed. The moose was almost unable to walk, but looked at him, almost praying with its gaze. The man, from Lithuania, gave shelter and food to the moose and helped it recover.

Erikas says that when he tried to approach it, the moose was very frightened but was too weak to run away. Although many friends advised him to leave the moose in the hands of nature, Erikas couldn’t. The next day, an organization in charge of orphaned animals came to Erikas’ house. Unfortunately, the organization didn’t have the resources to take care of the animal, so they suggested contacting some hunters to take care of it. But Erikas stepped in. He knew that the hunters would only end up killing the animal.

So, he adopted the moose and named her Emma. The first few days were difficult. Erikas turned into a substitute mother, even sleeping with Emma.

Erikas helped introduce her to her natural environment, the forest, in hope that one day she would be totally free.

Although Emma was frightened of the forest at first, little by little she got used to it. And, one day, she began roaming there on her own.

Slowly but surely, she got used to her environment. Erikas says that the first night Emma didn’t come back home was a nightmare, he couldn’t sleep. But he had to accept it: Emma was an adult and it was time to move on with her life.

Although she no longer lives with Erikas, Emma comes by every day to say hi. They spend hours frolicking together. They really are family.

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One Day This Guy Decided To Help A Moose. They’ve Been Inseparable Since

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