Animal Lovers Create Project That Provides Shelter To Street Dogs

Mariana Guidi Kulicz, 22, makes and sells handicrafts with her mother. They expose their products for sale at the town square of the city of Ibitinga, countryside of São Paulo state, Brazil.

One day, while Mariana was in the square, she found a street dog in terrible conditions — she was thin, limping, hungry, and cold. Immediately, Mariana was touched by the animal condition and spent the day giving her attention and care.


When it was time to go home, the girl could not leave the dog in the open and started to cry with the idea of leaving her out there. Even though she already had 10 dogs, Mariana decided to adopt the dog, calling her Nina.

Nina then received the properly medical care she needed to recover, and since she was large, she had to stay in the outside of the house.


Due to an inflammation in her paw, Nina had a fever and staying outside of the house would only make it worse, because it was very cold, even with several blankets on the floor. Unfortunately, buying a dog’s house was completely out of the budget for the Guidi family.

That’s when Mariana had the idea of improvising a little house using her gift in handicraft.


After researching references on the Internet to build the house, Mariana decided to use milk boxes because she believed it was the most efficient option. Milk box has six layers of paperboard, plastic and aluminum, and is therefore a very resistant and adaptable material to climate change — making the house cold when is hot and vice versa.

When Mariana saw that her idea worked perfectly, she decided to expand it. Because of her love for animals, she wanted to build and distribute handmade animal houses for those living in the streets of her city.


Of course she had the help of her friends, and that is how the Projeto Pet de Rua (Street Pet Project in English) started, with the goal of helping street animals.

The project accepts donations of small boxes because each small house has around 150 small boxes of milk.


2 dog houses have already been placed in two different locations in the city, and a third one is being built.


The project wants to become an organization and expand their ops.

Check out their Facebook page for more information, and contribute to their cause!

Source: Projeto Pet de Rua


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Animal Lovers Create Project That Provides Shelter To Street Dogs

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