This Man Lost His Wife And Wanted To Die Too, Until An ANGEL Saved Him

When 82 year old Dan Peterson lost his wife, he fell into a deep depression. He was even ready to die, but when he met a 4 year old little girl, everything changed…

For six months he felt incredibly down. Dan was feeling deep sorrow and no reason to live.

Then, after a visit to the supermarket, everything changed. Dan was approaching the end of the vegetable aisle — he hated grocery shopping and his expression made it obvious.

It was then that he was approached by a 4 year old girl called Norah Wood.

In the security video you can see Norah speaking with him. Her mom, Tara, said it was pretty embarrassing when her daughter said:

Hi old person, it’s my birthday today”. She then asked for a birthday hug.

Norah received her hug and then asked her mom to take a photo of her with her new friend.

Norah’s mom couldn’t believe it, until Dan told her: “This is the first time for quite a while that I’ve been this happy”.

That happened a couple of months ago, and his smile has only grown bigger since then. Norah now visits him at least once a week.

Totally unbelievable”, said Dan. For him, it’s a miracle. He thinks Norah is, literally, an angel.

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This Man Lost His Wife And Wanted To Die Too, Until An ANGEL Saved Him

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