Some Facts About The Beautiful ‘Rainbow Tree’

Most likely if Elves were around, they would pick this tree as their abode.

This is the Rainbow Eucalyptus.

The tree grows naturally in the northern hemisphere.

It’s natural beauty has been compared to Jackson Pollock’s most spectacular works and their characteristic drip painting.

In reality, the tones of this tree, which range across the entire spectrum of visible light, are generated by the aging of the bark, when “changing it’s skin”, it turns shades of lilac, green, orange and yellow.

This tree can grow up to 10 feet in a year and can reach a height of up to 230 feet.

Currently, the Rainbow Eucalyptus is planted in several countries to obtain white paper, which is rather ironic, since it is the most colorful tree in the world which makes the whitest paper.

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Some Facts About The Beautiful ‘Rainbow Tree’

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