Guy Proposed His Girlfriend With An Ice Cream Pot And Received The Positive Answer

It seems that it has become a trend making an unusual proposal. There are many beautiful testimonials on the social networks of those who already did it using a romantic video, a customized pizza, a ring hidden in a fancy dessert… That is a lot of creativity!

But what about a proposal using an ice cream pot? I guess we haven’t seen anything like this before… until Luke Munsterteiger materialized his idea.

That is right. Luke planned to propose his girlfriend, Else Schmit, with an ice cream pot. And it wasn’t any pot — it was a Talenti gelato, the ice cream they both love!

They are gelato fanatics and are always trying to taste all the ice cream brands available on the market. Although, their preferred one is Talenti, and they usually keep the pots as a collection.

Luke got in touch with Talenti asking a ‘little help’ for the proposal. And in response, the company created a customized pot, with this phrase written on the label: “Else, would you marry me?” And can you guess the flavor chosen for the occasion? Fudge Brownie!

On the proposal day, Luke took Else to the grocery store and hid the custom pot in one of the fridges. Else actually wanted to get the pumpkin flavor, but then Luke had to use all his wits to convince her that the Brownie flavor would be the best for the moment

As soon as she picked up the pot, she read the label. She could not believe it… Was it serious? 

The label still had the couple’s favorite emoji… Very romantic!

Obviously, Else accepted the proposal.

But can you imagine saying no to a pot of Brownie gelato? ; )


Source: Distractfy


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Guy Proposed His Girlfriend With An Ice Cream Pot And Received The Positive Answer

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