It Looked Like A Common Chickenpox. But This Case Was Something Different…

When the children are concerned, you should be prudent and careful. Even the seemingly benign infantile diseases can turn out to be something much more serious. Just like it happened to a two-tear-old Jasper Allen.

Jasper seemed to catch a common chickenpox. But things took an unexpected turn. The boy felt increasingly worse, new spots appeared one after another. It was impossible to touch him as all his skin was burning.

Jasper has an elder sister, who also had chickenpox when she was younger. Their mom remembers that her case was milder. No wonder that the mom was anxious.

When she called a clinic, the staff told her, that there was no need to worry. “Every mom thinks that her kid has the most dangerous chickenpox”. Next day, Jasper felt much worse. He had hundred of spots and his body temperature was soaring.


Then the mom finally managed to consult a doctor, who proscribed some antibiotics and collutory. But it didn’t work.

Some time later, the boy was hospitalised for 5 days. The doctors could hardly understand how the disease could develop in such a way. They also didn’t understand whether it was viral or allergic.

It turned out that it was Jasper’s individual reaction to chickenpox. Luckily, the disease was cured with potent antibiotics and antivirals.


A nurse by profession, Jasper’s mom has never seen chickenpox with such number and size of spots. She pleaded the cause after this case. She distributed information to increase people’s awareness of proper childcare and emphasised the importance of vaccination. She also initiated several vaccination campaigns in schools. Everything was done to prevent such things from happening to other children.

Jasper’s mother is not the one who calls and ambulance when the child is caughing. However, as experience shows, even the infantile diseases like chickenpox must be taken seriously. No one can tell how an individual child can react to them.

We hope that you and your children will never face anything like this. But it’s better to prevent the disease than treat it.


Источник: Mercury Press

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It Looked Like A Common Chickenpox. But This Case Was Something Different…

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