12 Most Common Laundry Mistakes. Would Never Think Of №10

Not every housewife knows the secrets of perfect laundry. Some of you might even think there is nothing special in pouring the washing detergent and pressing on the button of the washing machine. Everything is not so simple as you might think. Today we suggest that you read the following 12 rules for doing laundry. These simple tips will help you avoid a number of mistakes you tend to make while washing your clothes.

1. Don’t forget to clean your washing machine. Yes, you need to look after your washer! Make sure to rinse the compartment for washing powder and open the door after washing to prevent unpleasant odor. There is a filter for threads at the bottom of the washing machine. You should clean it once in every 3 months. Besides, you should run a cleaning cycle with hot water and half a litre of vinegar once a year. This will help prevent your washing machine from breaking down.

2. Don’t wash too many clothes at once. You should not overload your washing machine as it can lead to a breakdown.

3. Do not use fabric softeners when washing towels. Fabric softeners reduce the absorption capacity of fabrics so you’d better not use them when washing towels.

4. Wash socks separately. Sort out the clothes before washing if you don’t want to lose the socks among other linens.

5. Use two cycles for pillows and blankets. Run two cycles for your pillows and blankets: one with a powder and one without it. Feathers can easily absorb foam that is why you can’t get rid of it when you wash them in a single cycle.

6. Don’t wash your swimming suits in a washing machine! Swimming suits, racing briefs, and any other clothes made of spandex or elastane should never be washed in a washing machine. You’d better hand launder them in cool water.

7. Don’t use too much bleach. You’d better not use bleach at all! Try to use it only in emergency cases when there is no other way of removing stains.

8. Pay attention to buttons. Buttons may come off in the washing machine, and your clothes will look untidy.

9. Zip the clothes properly if you don’t want the zipper teeth to spoil other clothes. 

10. Don’t use too much powder. This can result in getting too much foam which can easily collect dirt.

11. Do not rub the stains. The stains should be washed off gently if you don’t want to get holes on your clothes.

12. Sort your clothes out before washing them! Consider the color of the clothes and don’t wash the white clothes with colored ones. Besides, pay attention to the fabric type. Polar fleece clothes should be washed separately, and towels should not be mixed with clothes made of synthetic fibers.

Follow these tips and avoide the common mistakes you make when doing laundry!

Source: brightside.me

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12 Most Common Laundry Mistakes. Would Never Think Of №10

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