The First Meeting Of Mom And Her Baby Born 10 Weeks Too Soon

Baby Hugo was born 10 weeks before his due day. When the doctors realized that the baby had stopped growing, they had to perform an urgent cesarean section on his mother Jessica Collinson to deliver the baby prematurely.

After his birth, Hugo was immediately taken to the intensive care unit for neonates (NICU). The new mom did not even get a chance to hold her newborn baby.

Collinson was taken to her own recovery room while Hugo’s dad, Micheal Burritt, remained by his son’s side. 

I was eager to see him, to hold him and touch him”, said Jessica in an interview.

It was only a few days later that the new mother first hold her baby. Their first meeting was indeed an unforgettable one.

Hugo was immediately taken to the NICU. I didn’t get to see him for 60 hours!” shared Collinson.

As soon as the nurse placed Hugo on his mother’s chest, Jessica felt incredible peace and happiness. According to Burritt, “it was the moment that she fell completely in love with him.”

Despite the stress I had to experience, the chance to hold Hugo gave me a moment of incredible peace”, she said.

The video that captured the touching moment of Jessica’s and his newborn son’s first meeting quickly went viral. The parents of little Hugo knew the reason!

The video is truly filled with incredible strong emotions,” Jessica said, “The comments of women who had undergone similar situations were really inspiring. It is hard to believe that our video has touched the hearts of so many people.”

In the coming days and weeks, Hugo’s health improved significantly. He was soon released from the hospital and went home with his parents. He is now several months old and is doing well.

Source: liftable.com

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The First Meeting Of Mom And Her Baby Born 10 Weeks Too Soon

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