When This Man’s Mother Asked Why His Wife Didn’t Keep Their House Clean, He Gave An Answer That Shocked Everybody

It is generally believed that men should be responsible for household chores like hammering nails, fixing broken chairs, etc., while cleaning is seen as a woman’s job despite the fact that both men and women are equally capable of doing chores. Some people believe that women like keeping everything in order because they are patient enough to put different items in their places over and over again.

Clint and Melody Edward got married a short time ago, and they already have an adorable child. To support his wife, the young man decided to share the household chores with her.

One day, when Clint was talking to his mother and washing the dishes at the same time, she suddenly asked him if it didn’t bother him that Mel did not spend enough time cleaning their house.

Clint’s mother is one of those people who believe that a woman is responsible for keeping the house clean. Clint can even recall his father’s advice on how to find a perfect girl to marry: “Stop by her house unexpectedly and see if the house she lives in is clean enough.”

The young man kept his father’s words in mind. However, unlike his father, he didn’t even think of marrying a girl just to live in a clean house. He wanted to marry the girl he truly loved!

Edwards wrote in his blog:

I didn’t think about a clean house when I married Mel. I thought about how wonderfully and wisely she speaks, how precisely she knows how I feel, and how nicely she smiles. This is what I like in her. And she seems the kind of mother I wanted for my children.

Could he even think of a better answer to give his mother?

Interestingly, after staying quiet for some time, Clint’s mother admitted that her son was actually right.

It doesn’t matter who exactly is responsible for this or that household chore. What matters most is the loving atmosphere at home. May an untidy house be the biggest problem for any family!

Source: social.diply.com / byclintedwards.com

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When This Man’s Mother Asked Why His Wife Didn’t Keep Their House Clean, He Gave An Answer That Shocked Everybody

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