Amelia Windsor: The Beauty Of The Kingdom Of Britain

When we think about the British Royal Family, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is Kate Middleton and Prince William. In addition to this lovely couple, everyone has also heard the names of Lady Di, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II, and their close friends.

But there is another member of the Royal Family that deserves close attention.

Meet Lady Amelia Windsor, age 22, now known as, “the most beautiful member of the Royal Family.” Looking at this young woman, it’s easy to see why she was given this title by Tatler magazine.

Amelia is the daughter of George Windsor, Earl of St. Andrews, and the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent.

She is 36th in line for the throne of Great Britain.

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This beautiful blonde graduated from the University of Edinburgh and is now a rising star in the fashion industry.

Since Amelia appeared on the cover of Tatler, she is turning heads, especially during Fashion Week.

The young princess has a bright future in front of her. And we’ll be happy to watch her and see her success!

Maybe, Amelia Windsor is not as well known as Kate Middleton right now, but she will definitely be a famous celebrity!

What do you think? Does Amelia really deserve the title of “The Most Beautiful Member of the Royal Family”? Or do you have someone else in mind?

Source: amelwindsor / Instagram 


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Amelia Windsor: The Beauty Of The Kingdom Of Britain

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