She Is Hot And Famous, But She Used To Grow Veggies To Feed Her Family!

Before becoming famous, a lot of people had to overcome many obstacles in their life. And Irina Shayk — a famous Russian model — is one of them.

Irina Shayk, whose real name is Shaykhislamova, was born in a little mining town in Russia. Her family was extremely poor and lived in a small appartment. At the age of 40, her father Valeriy — a coal miner — died from lung cancer. The mother, who was a music teacher in kindergarten, had to cumulate two jobs so that the family could have money to buy food. The daughters — Irina and her older sister Tatyana — worked a lot in their vegetable garden where the family used to grow potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. For the Shaykhislamovih family, the garden was very important, because that’s exactly where they were getting their food from.

Like all 14 year-old teenagers, Irina wanted a fashionable pair of high heel shoes, but her family was to poor to buy it for her. Irina’s desire was so eager that she found a job. She had to paint the walls in a local hospital for 20 days, and eventually, she had enough money to buy the shoes.

 Irina Shayk had always wanted to be a famous model, and one day, she got lucky. Her mother had taken her sister in a beauty school. And it turned out that a model agency was nearby. The founder of the agency noticed Irina and from that day, her model career began.

Today, Irina Shayk is not only famous for being a model and the face of several world-known brands, but also as an actress. 

      Source : Protothema.gr

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She Is Hot And Famous, But She Used To Grow Veggies To Feed Her Family!

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