Incredible Waves Look Like Unusual Natural Phenomenon

The Isle of Rhé is a very romantic place in France. However, in addition to its beauty, it’s characterized by a curious natural phenomenon. The waves that form on its coast are square shaped. Their symmetry can be seen from far away.

The squares seem to form a chessboard pattern, but it has a scientific explanation.

This phenomenon occurs, because at a depth of several miles, two seas meet. With the help of the wind, the waves cover a long distance, creating this strange appearance.

The square patterns formed on the surface draw lots of tourists to the island. Many people visit the lighthouse, built in 1854, every year just to go up and witness the mysterious phenomenon from up high.

However, it’s not recommended to swim in these waters, since the current of the waves is extremely dangerous. Visitors have to settle for a nice walk along the beach, which is ideal for a trip as a couple.

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Incredible Waves Look Like Unusual Natural Phenomenon

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