Two Great Tips For Telling Kids About The New Partner

These days, families tend to change according to the pace of life of its members. Many families are so small because one family member abandons the house or has to leave.


Often, when you’re a single mom and after spending time dedicated entirely to your kids, you decide to love again. You have to deal with an uncomfortable but inevitable situation: Telling your children that you have another partner.



It’s not an easy conversation. That’s why we recommend these two foolproof tips for addressing the situation and overcoming it in the best way possible:

Shutterstock/Africa Studio

Shutterstock/Africa Studio

Don’t rush yourself: Give it time before introducing your new partner to your child. Make sure you get to know them well, and under no circumstances should you rush either of the two other parties.

Shutterstock/ESB Professional

Shutterstock/ESB Professional

Beginning telling them little by little: The best advice in this case is not to make the following introduction: “Hi, this is my new boyfriend.” You can frequently bring them home as a friend and, with time, your kids will realize that it’s your new partner. However, it’s important that, when the moment arrives, you confirm what they already suspect.

Shutterstock/ Joana Lopes

Shutterstock/ Joana Lopes

As a last recommendation, remember that beyond the love you have for your new partner, you should first observe how they interact with your kids. Some men have a special magnetism with kids, attracting them with their games and way of being.

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Two Great Tips For Telling Kids About The New Partner

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