What Happens When A Pregnant Woman Cries

The recommendation for pregnant women to keep themselves relaxed, eat healthy and enjoy the sweet and tender wait, now has a scientific basis. Especially the part about relaxing and enjoying it.

It turns out that a study was able to determine what the baby feels inside its mother’s womb when she’s crying or is sad.


According to the results obtained, babies receive certain chemical substances that the mother’s body generates as her emotions change, directly affecting their development.

Even more surprising was discovering that “babies can get depressed shortly after being born if their mothers were sad or depressed during and after the pregnancy”. During the research, it was discovered that babies born to those women who had suffered depression or sudden mood changes had difficulty in their development after being born.

With this it was shown that in addition to the music your baby listens to while in the mother’s womb, they can also perceive the emotions and feelings which make them feel both sadness and happiness: “after 6 months in the womb, mothers begin to create an emotional bond with their children, because all the hormones that the mother’s body produces while she feels emotion (happiness, sadness, stress, anger) are passed on through the placenta”.

That’s why, in addition to the typical recommendations such as not drinking alcohol or taking drugs during pregnancy, maintaining a healthy diet and not smoking, you should add to the list being happy and spending those nine months in the best way possible.

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What Happens When A Pregnant Woman Cries

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