Interesting Clock Puzzle That Pushes People To Think Hard To Find Out The Answer

Yes, a lot of people have tried to figure out what the answer to this puzzle might be, but why it should bother you, right? Well, before we start working on it, there are a few things you should know.

We also recommend you to solve the video riddle to train before the watch puzzle. Video riddles are even more difficult since your time is strictly limited! Will you challenge yourself with this one?

Spending time on solving such puzzles may help one find out the solutions to problems in their life. It is interesting to know that such tasks train the problem-solving abilities of people’s brains.

A recent study that investigated 488 elderly people revealed that taking part in any kind of puzzle solving activity delayed the possibility of developing accelerated memory decline by around 2.54 years! In other words, people who take part in such activities have a higher chance of retaining their memory even in old age.


So now, would you try to figure out what the answer could be? There is something common in every watch that shows the time, and it can help you figure out what the final answer should be?

Okay, you probably arrived at a couple of answers already but the correct answer is – 5:19


The logic is to add 42 seconds to every previous result to arrive at the next. Want to try some more? Check out a few of our other puzzles.

Source: Genius Puzzles

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Interesting Clock Puzzle That Pushes People To Think Hard To Find Out The Answer

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