Pet Shelter Only Employs Homeless People Who Love Animals

An award-winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald and his partner David Miranda have unveiled plans to build an animal shelter in Brazil. The shelter will be staffed by homeless people who live on the streets and care for abandoned pets.

They are huge animal lovers and currently own 23 pets. In the last couple of years, they have worked with homeless people living on the streets with their pets and realised how touching the situation can be.


The realised the bond between a homeless person and his/her pet is usually strong, deep and very profound.

Glenn said, “the mutual need, and resulting intense devotion, that homeless people and their animals develop for one another is inspiring and can be unlike what one might find in any other context.”

The duo then decided to come up with a new way to support homeless people and the animals they care for. They are working on creating a new type of animal shelter.


The shelter will perform the usual functions of traditional shelters. It will rescue animals, provide them with medical care and work towards finding them a loving home.

Glenn said: “But the unique attribute is that the shelter will be staffed exclusively by homeless people who live on the streets with their pets and thus have a demonstrated affinity for caring for animals in need. 

By providing them employment in animal shelters centered around the passion they have already developed — along with social work and other services to aid them in managing their income and transitioning them from the streets into permanent employment — we believe we can utilize the mutual support that homeless people and animals in need provide one another in order to help both.

To get the project up and running, they have requested that the public lend a helping hand by creating a GoFundMe page.

It sure sounds like a noble idea and we hope they get enough support to bring it to fruition.

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Pet Shelter Only Employs Homeless People Who Love Animals

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