An Artist Spent 35 Years Decorating Her House

Lauri Svedberg is an artist, who owns a house in Minnesota. For the past 35 years, she’s been covering its walls with stone, mosaic and paintings to turn it into a fairy tale manor. The neighbors have already called it the wolf house because of the painting on the building.


They also call it a “Hobbit” house, though it has little resemblance to the architecture of the prominent Tolkien’s creatures. They used to build their homes underground, and their windows and doors were round.


Svedberg’s interior looks like it came from fantasy books. It seems a perfect place for the elves because of the trees or dwarves because of the stone.


Alas, not all the humans like it. The house is for sale now, and according to the broker, some people don’t understand its charm.


Well, personally,  I would stay here for a couple of days or rent it for some special occasions. I wouldn’t want to live in the interior, heavy with details. However, people are different, and there might be a family who’d enjoy this motley.

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An Artist Spent 35 Years Decorating Her House

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