Mystery Of A Vertical Log On The Incredible Crater Lake Of Oregon

Many places on Earth have their mysteries, so does Crater Lake of Oregon. It has been known for about a century now since Joseph S. Diller discovered a strange log back in 1896. He described it in a journal: a stamp sticking out of the water. He also made an assumption that it moved around the lake, which was proven several years ago.


Diller’s drawing

Ever since the log has been a mystery, many people tried to solve. The main question was: “Why hasn’t it rotten or broken? Why is it vertical, unlike other trunks that get into the water? Why hasn’t it sunk after absorbing water?”


Finally, the scientists did research and here are some facts behind the floating log. First, it’s about 450 years old. Second, the wood moves all over the lake, driven by winds at high speed, while remaining in perfect balance. Third, it’s vertical position is due to the equilibrium of its underwater and above water parts.

Several theories considering how it got into the lake have been made; none proved 100% so far. However, some people still opt to see it as a mystery. What do think?

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Mystery Of A Vertical Log On The Incredible Crater Lake Of Oregon

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