You Won’t Believe What This Tiny Horse Do In The Airport!

When I started reading the news about the tiny horses in the airport, I first pictured miniature figurines and thought: “What’s so special about it?” But then I saw this picture of a happy kid standing next to a pony and was totally knocked out!


Some animals are believed to help overcome anxiety and stress. They are also used in psychological therapy. For no logical reason, people love spending time with cats, dogs, dolphins and horses. Probably because these animals can be approached, cuddled and petted, unlike crocodiles and lions.


The reason why the tiny horses were brought to the airports is heartwarming. The management of the facility hopes they’ll help nervous passengers tackle the stress. They believe positive emotions from meeting a pony will take over the anxiety. Well, let’s hope it’s true! Anyway, I think kids will love the idea.

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You Won’t Believe What This Tiny Horse Do In The Airport!

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