Guy Won A Game At School, Opened The Prize, And Saw His Long Lost Mother

For many people, school is associated with classes, teachers, and hours of studying. But it’s not everything that is available there, as it is also a place where you can get many new friends and have some fun time. A lot of social and sport events take place in schools, and for many students, it is an opportunity to develop new skills and communicate with others. But this game is very unusual, as the winner got an invaluable prize, which nobody had ever received before.

Shelley Sirney Martinez and Michelle Myers Jolliff recently shared a story on Facebook, which took place in Raymond Mays Middle School. Leroy was one of the students who was attending the school after the Hurricane Harvey hit the coast. His mother was missing, the same as many other relatives of the children, affected by the catastrophe. He missed her a lot, as they haven’t met for already six weeks, and Leroy was dreaming that one day he would be able to meet her again.

It was a regular school day, but the administration decided to organize a scavenger hunt, a very popular game for children. The winner was supposed to receive a prize, which other participants hid inside the box. Leroy decided to win the game no matter what, as it was a good chance to take the mind off the troubles.

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Luckily, he won the game and was about to be awarded a prize. Students opened the box, and Leroy could finally see the long-awaited prize. He couldn’t believe his eyes, as there was his mother, who he hasn’t seen in six weeks. Both were extremely excited and couldn’t keep their emotions. It was one of the best moments of their life.

It is the most incredible surprise Leroy could ever receive. The reunion of a mother and her son was very touching and made everybody’s tears flow.

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Source: Love What Matters / Facebook 

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Guy Won A Game At School, Opened The Prize, And Saw His Long Lost Mother

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