Leggings Can Easily Be Transformed Into A Stylish Top

Women enjoy shopping, and usually, they buy something new for themselves. Over some time, they have a closet full of unnecessary clothes. There are some ways of getting rid of such stuff. For example:

Donation to charity

There are quite a lot of people in need who will appreciate such a gesture.

Selling online

Some people prefer buying stuff online as it is often much cheaper than going to the mall.

Hosting a swap party

A very creative way to exchange some of clothes with other people and spend some good time with friends.

Transforming old clothes into something new

It is always possible to give things a second chance. For example, in just a minute, one can transform an old pair of leggings into a stylish top.

Many people have a pair of leggings that they do not wear. There can be various reasons for that: a major change of personal style, size, or something else. But this woman knows how to turn a pair of old leggings into an awesome top!

There are only two things needed for the transformation:

- old or unnecessary pair of leggings;

- scissor.

The first step is to cut the leggings following the instructions this video gives. This cutout will serve as the neckline of the future top.

Leggings give an uncountable amount of variations that our imagination can create. And they’re really cheap too, so it is possible to buy a bunch of them to make a whole new wardrobe!

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Source: Handimania / YouTube 

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Leggings Can Easily Be Transformed Into A Stylish Top

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