This Man Is Hiding From His Wife In The Bunker. You Will Be Surprised By The Reason

Many of you have probably dreamt of building a small secret place where nobody could find you. There you can hide from the daily routine and forget about all problems. But in most cases, this idea remains in our dreams. But one man decided to make his dream come true. His reason for building such place is surprising!

Colin Furze is a 36-year old former plumber. He has recently got married, and his wife is now expecting a child. A man decided to ensure that he will not suffer sleepless nights when the wife gives birth. So he decided to spend two months building a bunker ten ft under his back garden. It can even survive the apocalypse.



Colin says that he has dreamt of having such place since he was a little boy. And now he is very happy when it became a reality. He says: “This bunker is like my adult version of what I used to do as a child in a quarry near where I lived.”

It is equipped with everything he likes. It includes kitchen and party area, flat-screen TV, drum kit, selection of games consoles and an ejector bed.






Colin says: “I’m sure most new parents wouldn’t mind an underground bunker to escape to.” We are not sure what his wife thinks about his invention. But we hope that Colin will still find some time to help her care for newborn babies.

Please tell us about your child dreams. Would you like to have such a place where you could hide from all problems?

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This Man Is Hiding From His Wife In The Bunker. You Will Be Surprised By The Reason

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