Doctors Never Expected The Little Boy To Live Past Age 10. Now He Is 29 And A College Graduate

When Ryan Dant was little and his medical condition was discovered, doctors were not optimistic that he would grow to attend high school not to mention college.

29-year-old Ryan recently received a Bachelor’s degree in sports administration from the University of Louisville.

Speaking to InsideEdition, Ryan said, “It was just a great feeling to walk across the stage to see all the hard work has paid off. All the struggles I went through when I was young, all the doctors’ appointments and the trials, it all paid off in the end.”

Ryan was diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis 1, or MPS 1 when he was only three. Doctors explained that this meant his body was not producing an enzyme that breaks down specific proteins.

They also said that kids with such a condition do not make it to 10-years-old.

Despite the gloom diagnosis, Ryan and his parents continued to try and live a normal life. They did not dwell too much on whether or not he would die.

He would receive treatment for four hours every week but asides that, Ryan remembered things being pretty normal and ordinary.

When he turned seven, a side effect of his condition began to manifest. “When I was that age, I was getting horrible headaches where I would vomit and pass out,” he explained. “Because of the stiffening in my hands and joints, I couldn’t play baseball because I couldn’t grip a baseball bat and run.”

Since the, he has had major health challenges that affected his quality of life but his parents never gave up on seeking help.

Watch the video below for more details.

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Doctors Never Expected The Little Boy To Live Past Age 10. Now He Is 29 And A College Graduate

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