She Was Told She Would Never Have Kids. Now She Has 5 Children Under The Age Of 7

When Gillian Harvey was told she was infertile, she was heartbroken. She and her husband thought they would never have kids.

After considering their options, they decided to go through IVF. Despite only implanting two little embryos, Gillian became pregnant with her first child who was born in 2009.


Two years later, the couple decided to try again. This time around, Gillian became pregnant with twins. She felt her family was complete after birthing her babies in 2011.


Ten months after the twins were born Gillian began to feel nauseous. Despite being sure that natural pregnancy was an impossibility, she took a test anyway. It turns out she was pregnant.

She recalled the moment, ““But I’m infertile!” I said to the doctor at my first appointment. He simply laughed. Our fourth child, Evie, was born in October 2013.

Four young children were already a handful. The couple decided to take extra precautions now that they knew she could get pregnant naturally. But ten months later, they had another shock.


Gillian said: “This time, I was almost embarrassed to tell people that I was pregnant. “You do know where babies come from, right?” people used to laugh. Or “are you thinking of starting your own school?” Which is hilarious unless you’re heavily pregnant and trying to care for a baby, two toddlers and a lively four-year-old. When you have a lot of kids, suddenly everyone is a comedian.”


Even though things have been super hectic, Gillian is thrilled with her family and how close in age the kids are.

They’ve all begun to play together,” she said. “Meaning I no longer have to feign interest in Lego or Playmobil”

Gillian is very proud of her large family and even more grateful for them seeing that this might never have been possible.


The best thing about having a large family? Despite my constant exhaustion, it’s tremendous fun. Each and every day my children make me laugh unreservedly, reveal little quirks or do something to make me proud – whether it’s giving a younger sibling a cuddle, sharing their crayons or managing to cover their entire faces in chocolate – life in my household is definitely anything but dull!”

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She Was Told She Would Never Have Kids. Now She Has 5 Children Under The Age Of 7

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