Photographer Spent Several Hours Shooting This Couple’s Marriage Proposal. Then He Realised His Terrible Mistake

We all make mistakes, but sometimes even a huge mistake can end nicely. That was exactly what happened to one photographer from the United Stated. A short while ago, the man opened up about his huge mistake during a photo session in which he wanted to capture one touching marriage proposal.

Jacob Peters from Arkansas received a message from a guy, who wanted to propose to his beloved girlfriend at one of the most beautiful spots called Hawks Bill Crag. The fiancé-to-be wanted to keep it in secret.


The photographer accepted this job and went to the park. He left his apartment at 2.30 AM and got to the park at 4.45 AM. Then the snapper faced a long hike uphill with his heavy camera. At one moment after 45 minutes he realised he was on the wrong way, so he turned around and started from the beginning.


Jacob was at the spot at 6 AM and waited. And what could go wrong?

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Jacob said: “Around 6:17am a young couple shows up. It’s them. I’m sure of it. A little late but still not too late. Hang out for a few minutes and then it happens. He pulls out a ring, kneels down behind her. She turns around and starts crying and hugs him and it’s obvious she said yes and all went well.”

Then the snapper came back to his car and rushed home to take a rest. He sent a message to the guy doing the proposal and fell asleep.

Next morning he saw the reply: “I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us? I was in a blue plaid shirt…”


Well. He captured the wrong couple.

Jacob added: “So basically I spent 6 and half hours, $40 in gas and food, 450 photos, and took the wrong couple’s photos.”



The photographer shared his story online to find the pair in the pictures, and they came forward.
At least one couple have beautiful photos of their touching moment!

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Photographer Spent Several Hours Shooting This Couple’s Marriage Proposal. Then He Realised His Terrible Mistake

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