Stadium Crowd Takes A Second In The Middle Of The Game To Wave To Sick Kids In Children’s Hospital

Being a sick kid can be really grueling on both the child and the parents, so any chance to feel good or smile is usually very much appreciated. In fact, because kids are very resilient, it is even more important to do something special that would make them happy enough to forget their struggles even for a minute.

This is one fact that the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital knows all too well. So, during a game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Wyoming Cowboys, the crowd in the sold-out stadium was asked to take a minute to wave at the children in the hospital next door. 

The sick kids were all at the windows looking out at the team, and you could see the look of glee on their faces when thousands of people began to wave at them from outside. You can tell that this not only meant a lot to the children, but to their families as well. It was a sweet moment that took them out of their misery for a little while and gave them something to warm their hearts.

The University of Iowa shared the video of this amazing wave on their Twitter page, and a lot of people were just so impressed at the gesture, the post since received over 10, 000 Likes and 4000 Retweets.

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The beautiful thing about this post is that a couple of people who had had experiences with childhood illnesses shared how great they thought the act was and how sure they were that it would have been an unforgettable moment for the families of these children. See a few lovely tweets that applauded the football teams and the hospital below.

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When it comes to giving children a reason to smile during a pretty challenging time and reminding them that all hope is never lost, we think this is an incredibly awesome idea.

Source: University of Iowa / Twitter

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Stadium Crowd Takes A Second In The Middle Of The Game To Wave To Sick Kids In Children’s Hospital

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