I Am Really Proud Of It.” Artisan Baker Makes The World’s Largest Sponge Cake For His Son’s 3rd Birthday

Every once in a while, creative people tend to feel the need to make something super extraordinary. Artisan baker, Steve Oxford, chose to show off his skills by baking a cake that was 5ft wide and weighed 50 st. And just in case you’re tempted to order this dessert, keep in mind that this beauty has over 350,000 calories.

It took the 36-year-old one week to mix his batter consisting of 700 eggs and 500 pounds of flower including butter and sugar. Steve was then able to bake his mixture in an industrial bread oven.

It did not stop there. After it was baked, the cake was lifted by a group of people and carried to a vehicle that eventually took it to Oxford’s bakery. It was here that the baker used butter cream to ice the cake; to make the cream, he had to mix 50 pounds of icing sugar with 30 pounds of butter.

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Since Steve’s accomplishment coincided with his son, Samuel’s third birthday, the baker decided that this could be an epic birthday cake for him. He put three candles on top of the cake in celebration.

After the little boy (and we assume with a lot of help) blew out his candles, the cake was cut into a thousand slices at the Sturminster Cheese Festival where it was unveiled.

It has been reported that the sponge cake will be crowned by the Guinness World Records as the biggest whole cake ever made.

This was a welcome news to Steve who said, “I am really proud of it and thrilled that it will be a world record.”

This was not Steve’s first attempt at creating something super epic. In 2013, he baked a two-layer giant sponge cake for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Bath & West Show. See a video of the process below.

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Source: UKExpress

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I Am Really Proud Of It.” Artisan Baker Makes The World’s Largest Sponge Cake For His Son’s 3rd Birthday

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