Animals’ Reactions To Being Watched At The Zoo

Children are usually taken to the zoos. Sometimes, this is done for educational purposes like showing them the types of animals that are out there. Then, it could also simply be a fun trip where kids get to play around with the creatures.

However, children may feel confused because animals at the zoo are known to fight each other in the wild, yet they appear really submissive behind bars or glass walls. However, there are also times when these animals just won’t sit idly by and stare at people gathering to take pictures or poke fun at them.

Such was the encounter of a little girl who came to visit the zoo and saw a lion.

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In the video below, you can see that the young girl is pressing her face against the glass in front of the lion. It was peaceful at first as the lion only ignored her for a while. However, the situation changed when the little girl pressed her lips to the glass, meaning to give the lion a kiss. The king of the jungle was sent into a violent rage when he saw this. He clawed at the glass, trying to attack the child.

While this lion did not seem to be too thrilled about being watched by kids, other zoo animals often have a different kind of reaction. Watch the video below and check out some of the best and fascinating animal reactions to being watched by kids.

Most people who watch videos like these usually express concern about how these animals feel being caged all the time. It does make sense that they may feel stressed or perhaps a little frustrated, which can explain why there are some that are just not feeling very friendly towards the kids. Unfortunately, keeping wild animals in zoos is a common practice in the majority of countries.

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Animals’ Reactions To Being Watched At The Zoo

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