Police Officers Show Up At A Grandma’s House. They Surprise Her With Supplies To Get Her Through Irma

A woman who went through Hurricane Harvey in Texas pleaded with police officers to help when she realised that her grandma would be on the path of Hurricane Irma in Florida. What she did not expect was how far the cops would go to help her grandmother get everything she needed.

The 94-year-old grandma answered the door one day and was surprised to see some cops standing there with smiles on their faces. The officers came around to visit Betty Helmuth, who lives in Clearwater, Florida, with a few supplies to help her get through Hurricane Irma.

The sweet grandma had the most epic reaction to the men at her door. Oh gosh, you’re good-looking,” she said to them.

It turned out that Rachel Copeland, who lives in Texas, was responsible for this show of love by the Clearwater Police. When she heard that her grandmother would be on the path of Hurricane Irma, she reached out to the police in Clearwater and pleaded with them to check in on Helmuth.

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Copeland had just witnessed Hurricane Harvey, and she knew exactly how chaotic things can get, so she was understandably concerned for her grandma.

Helmuth, all smiles, welcomed her guests and was very appreciative when they handed her the supplies. The officers brought her some groceries, water, and flashlights.

Both Copeland and Helmuth were very grateful to the Clearwater police for their dedication and kindness.

These kind cops were not the only ones to step up during Hurricane Irma. Actress Kristen Bell also came to the aid of a grandmother in need during the storm by providing her with a place to stay.

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It’s pretty great to see people show up for each other during times of troubles. It is a reminder that underneath it all, we can count on our fellow humans to show compassion when the need arises.

Source: Facebook / Clearwater Police Department

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Police Officers Show Up At A Grandma’s House. They Surprise Her With Supplies To Get Her Through Irma

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