When The Family Adopted These Two Pups, They Had No Clue How Big They Would Grow!

Several years ago this family seemed to be pretty happy at first glance, but they felt that they all lack something. That’s why the Fishers decided back then to adopt two puppies.


Everything would have been great if they knew what kind of life they would have in the future. The point is that they took the puppies of the Newfoundland breed.


They’re famous for their extremely large size and charming character. Since then, the Fishers started living a new life. Every day the dogs were getting bigger and bigger. They named them Ralphie and the Boss. I guess they’re the best names they could think of to characterize their nature.


The dogs have become an integral part of the family as the boys now do not imagine life without them. They all regularly hit the streets together and impress the passers-by with their natural charisma.


The parents are never afraid to leave the kids with Ralphie and the Boss alone because the Fishers are sure in they won’t hurt the boys. The videos they post on YouTube are gaining more and more popularity as people enjoy watching the family having fun.


What can be better than a happy and healthy family full of kids and pets they adore?! Watch the video of one of their walks here!

Source: http://honesttopaws.com

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When The Family Adopted These Two Pups, They Had No Clue How Big They Would Grow!

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