Woman Shares Her Experience As A Mum On Social Media

Some say there’s no such job as a mom, but lots will disagree, and especially those who know how to value somebody’s work and how hard it is to be practically everything for someone. Besides, the profession of a mom is exactly that thing.

Moms are everything for their kids starting from being a person who feeds them to a teacher and personal manger. However, sometimes, people just forget about that. So, this mom, Cameron Poynter, wanted to pinpoint this fact after a hectic day she had, full of shopping, laundry, tantrums, and appointments.

Only at first glance, the job of mom seems like a vacation. But in the reality, it’s exhausting and physically difficult work, most of the women perfectly succeed at.

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This mom starts her post and every next line with the words, “I’m a keeper…” They are symbolic and fully render the role of a mother in a child’s life.

Just read this awesome post and try to comprehend the message this mom sends to everyone. Lots of people from all around the world have already read it and made it viral. It means there is a grain of truth in the appeal.

Source: Upworthy

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Woman Shares Her Experience As A Mum On Social Media

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