7 Rules For People Going To Visit A Newborn Baby

Newborns are the most adorable and delicate creatures. When a mother gives birth to a baby, all relatives and friends immediately want to see this little angel. People often forget that there is a certain set of rules they need to follow while visiting a family with a newborn. Sometimes, parents are too shy to tell people that it’s not a good time to see a baby at the moment, and they are too exhausted to entertain the guests.

We try to imagine what a newborn may think about the crowd of curious relatives who go beyond the rules of etiquette. Here are a few things a baby could tell to numerous visitors.

Oksana Kuzmina / Shutterstock.com

Please, wait to be invited

My parents have plenty of stuff to do. Thus, send them a congratulation card and mention that you’d love to see me when they’re ready. Then, you should wait to be invited.

Serenko Natalia / Shutterstock.com

Bring some food

I mean bring the food not for me but for yourself. My new parents are too busy to cook something. Take some snacks with you and they will appreciate that.

Don’t kiss me!

I know that I look so adorable that it’s hard to resist holding and kissing me. But, people, I am not a toy or puppy. I don’t like at all when you put your face anywhere near my own face.

Hohotun4ik / Shutterstock.com

Wait to be offered to hold me

Always ask a permission to hold me. That’s right. If I can’t talk yet, it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you like and treat me like a toy. I don’t even know you! So, please, follow the rules of etiquette.

Don’t wake me up!

Sleeping is one of my favorite occupations at this period of life. I like to sleep much more than I like you. Under any circumstances, do not wake me up or expect my parents will do it.

Forget about a group selfie

I understand that I am very cute. It’s the common knowledge that you want to make a photo with me but hold on! Perhaps, my parents just do not want to share photos of me on social media for a privacy sake. You need to respect their opinion.

Denys Kurbatov / Shutterstock.com

Don’t stay too long

This is probably the golden rule for all of you who want to visit me. My young parents are really busy because of me; thus, you should know the right moment to go.

Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com

If you follow the above rules, you will almost certainly be invited to see me soon. Good luck!

Source: Huffingtonpost

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7 Rules For People Going To Visit A Newborn Baby

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