7 Things People Are Doing Wrong Every Day

There are many things that people do as a part of their daily routine, like brushing teeth or cooking food. But what if someone told us that we’ve been doing all those things wrong? It can make sense — just because we’ve been doing something one way for a long period of time doesn’t mean it’s the best way. How about some of this stuff? Are you sure that everyone use them in a proper way?

Here are some more common everyday things that most of us are doing wrong every single day.

1. Brushing teeth


Despite the fact that brushing teeth seems very easy, most people don’t realize they are doing it in the wrong way. They think the harder they brush, the better result they can get. But actually, instead of white and healthy teeth, they just ruin tooth enamel. So, be gentle with your teeth.

2. Sitting


Due to a busy working schedule, the majority of people spend most of their time sitting in the office. Even during a lunch break most of us prefer to spend this time sitting by the computer instead of going for a walk in the nearest park. But the worst thing is that most of us literally sit “in the wrong position.” So try to keep your back straight, it helps reduce a loan on your spine.

3. Slicing bread

Nutnarin Khetwong/Shutterstock.com

It may sound strange but most of us perform this simple “ritual” in the wrong way. Slicing bread without squishing the top seems a very difficult task for some people, however there is a little trick here. Simply turn bread upside down and slice it from the bottom up to get the “correct” slices.

4. Peeling potatoes

Joerg Beuge/Shutterstock.com

For anyone who actually hates the process of peeling potatoes, here is a cool lifehack able to turn this process into a five-minute affair. You can watch how to do this quickly and easily in the video below.

5. Breaking in shoes

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

We all know this annoying feeling when we need to break in new shoes, which sometimes seems like an impossible thing to do. Fortunately, here is a small trick. Wear a thick pair of socks, then wear your shoes, and use a hairdryer to blow on the shoes until you feel comfortable.

6. Doing exercises


A healthy mind in a healthy body. We all know this popular proverb. To be in a good physical shape, it’s necessary to do exercises, however the most important thing is to keep the right balance. Exercising several hours six days a week can make you feel exhausted but not healthy.

7. Sleeping

Billion Photos/Shutterstock.com

Some of us can be surprised, but we actually do “a sleep thing” in the wrong way. First of all, the majority of people used to sleep too much or too little. Both variants are not good for staying in a good physical and mental condition during a day. Eight-hour sleep is totally enough for staying in good mood. And remember that the best position to sleep is on your back.

Now, all of us can pay more attention to these simple everyday things and do them in the correct way.

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7 Things People Are Doing Wrong Every Day

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