Surgeons Didn’t Want To Give Up On Their Patient So They Performed A 32-Hour Operation

Our modern medicine is quite progressive and advanced. It goes forward, saving numerous lives. But sometimes healing needs some more time than it was expected.

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This story came from China. Chinese medicine is pretty unique. Nowadays China is developing very fast, so is there hospitals and level of medical treatment. But besides that, this country has combined two different medical approaches – modern (they call it “Western style”) and traditional ( “Eastern”). The approach applied by Eastern medicine is fundamentally different from Western ideas of health. While our doctors treat the disease and its symptoms, the eastern healers have always seen the human organism as a single system in which everything is interrelated. So, basically, some Chinese doctors tend to practice both approaches to get better results. In any case, doctors and nurses in this country are famous for being devoted, they care about the wellbeing of the patients very much.

The doctors from this story became a vivid example of this. It happened in Fujian province, South East of China. They got a patient with a rather serious diagnosis – brain aneurysm and angioblastoma. And he needed a long and complicated surgery. So it took the surgeons 32 hours in a row to perform it, and they didn’t even have time to rest. Patient’s relatives were worried not only about him but also about doctors – they seem so tired that could easily make a mistake, which might cost a life. But the operation went successful and somebody took a picture of exhausted surgeons, who were just lying on the floor. They didn’t have energy and were absolutely tired, but everybody was proud that they didn’t give up on their patient. One of the doctors said later that they were not the only team to perform such long surgeries because it’s their duty to save people’s lives.

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Surgeons Didn’t Want To Give Up On Their Patient So They Performed A 32-Hour Operation

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