Kate Middleton Follows These 7 Strict Etiquette Rules! Some Of Them Might Make You Laugh!

Admit it, you would gladly exchange your daily routine with Kate Middleton’s. You would like to have tea in the company of Queen Elizabeth, try on the best designers’ dresses and visit all high-class parties.

However, when we look closer at this “fairy tale” we clearly see not everything is so cloudless in Kate’s life. For example, she has to obey a lot of rules, and some of them a quite ridiculous. And it applies not only to Kate, but the whole royal family must follow some strict rules:


Credit: hellomagazine.com

1. Specify when your party ends

The Duchess of Cambridge, while sending invitations to a party, has to specify the time the party will be over.

2. Introduce guests as quickly possible

The hostess of the event should take care of all the quests. She has to introduce all people to each other and do it as quickly as possible.

3. Hold a clutch in your hands


Credit: spletnik.ru

During the events, Kate holds her handbag with both of her hands.

When Kate sits, she puts the clutch between the back of the chair and her back. Notice, she doesn’t put it on her knees and on the floor.

4. Sit properly

When she needs to sit for a long time, Kate uses a typical the “Duchess Slant.” Sit straight, not resting on the back of the chair, raise the chin parallel to the floor, keep the knees and heels together.


The second posture is called the “Cambridge Cross”: you slightly bend your knees, putting your legs crosswise.

5. Hold the foot of the glass


Credit: fashionmagazine.com

When you hold a glass by its foot the wine does not heat up. And while drinking you might have a lipstick mark on your glass, so pay attention you drink from one and the same spot.

6. Bite three times and stop


Credit: popsugar.com

The Duchess tastes the dish three times, then she stops.

7. A cup of tea and a cup of coffee should be held in different ways


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Kate Middleton Follows These 7 Strict Etiquette Rules! Some Of Them Might Make You Laugh!

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